Cleo's Support Staff


Raising Cleo is a joint effort with the help and advice of the following kind hearted people. Thank you all:

A special thanks to the dedicated Doctors and staff of the Tufts University Foster Hospital for small animals. For the care Cleo received and for keeping Two very nervous parents comfortable while waiting for her to come out of surgery.

Breeders: Lori Bobskill, Tord and Josh Svenson, Sandra Adler, and Annie Gass.

Veterinarians: Dr. Buzz and the staff at Catzablanca hospital, Dr. Hopkinson and the staff at CVC, Dr. Berg, Dr. Pavletic and their graduate students at Tufts University, Dr. Joseph Giangarra and Dr. Ken Ahbrams.

Medical Doctors: Dr. Solvieg Pfluger and Dr. Nelson Shub.

Suppliers: The help line staff at Pet Ag corp., Barbara Plourde and Karen Sirios at the CVS pharmacy, Arrow Home Health and Ray and the staff at Spurgas Medical Supply.

Special Friends: The Stooge Hollow General Store and Restaurant in Woodstock, CT. Cleo is welcome there while we eat. This was our first outing as we could feed her while we traveled.

My business partners who were understanding when they did not see me for the first month and then spent thousands of dollars moving my laboratory close to my house so I could work and be available to take care of Cleo.

The Cat Fanciers List on the 'NET'. A valuable source of information.

Cat Fancy magazine for the excellent issue about raising kittens.

The many breeders and cat fanciers that have written or EMailed asking about Cleo's progress. It was inspiring to us and helped keep our spirits up on the long nights waking to feed Cleo every 2 hours.