All military equipment Field Day 1998


The spot at the base of the Coventry, Connecticut land mobile tower


AN/GRC-122E on M1008 CUCV truck, this unit is complete with all equipment and accesories. Gradually it is being restored to new condition. The radio were back in and operational but the TTY equipment was not present for field day. Watch for it on the air from the Rochester, NH hamfest in October.

The WWII operating bench with a military version of the HQ-120, ART-13 and BC375 operating AM and CW. Note the4 huge bottles in the BC375 they are 211 tubes, 2 for the final and 2 for the modulator, a pretty sight in the dark.

One of the AN/GRC-106's operating 80 meter CW. Beside it a RT524 that was used on Six meter and just visible on the chair a AN/PRC-77. Unseen on the other side of the table is a AN/PRC-47 and AN/PRC-68.

Looking into the GRC-122E Shelter, in the upper right is the RT834 and AM3349, to the right of that the MD522 and second diversity receiver which is a RT662, the original RT834 was borrowed for the CW station. The open spaces are for the UGC-74's, data patching panel and crypto boxes that are still being restored to operation and painted. It took Three years to collect everything needed for a realistic military field deployment station but we even had the right pencils with us.

And to power the operation was a PE-75 generator

And the latest project that is being built into a complete 160 Meter to 10 Ghz mobile shack.

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