Military Radio System Tours

By CleoCat Stone

Cleo, Maureen and I invite you to look at three of our restoration projects. The TRC-117's and AN/TRC-145's are being restored as a complete pair.


The AN/TRC-117 multichannel radio set operates from 600 - 999 Mhz and 1.35 - 1.843 Ghz using band plugs. The shelter contains

Two each AN/GRC-50 radio sets, MD-352 multiplexer, TD-202 radio modem, TD-204 cable driver, CV-1548 signaling converter, AB-577 50' Mast

and AT-903 wide band horn antennae.

The Curb Side wall of the AN/TRC-117 Multichannel microwave shelter. shown is the Two AB-577 50' masts, spare parts cabinets and heaters. The right side of the pair of AN/GRC-50's and the 45 amp 120 Vac regulator are shown.

Shown are the AN/GRC-50 radio sets, CN-514 AC voltage regulator, ME-189 dummy load/wattmeter and TA-312 field phone.

The road side of the TRC-117 contains rack for the multiplex equipment and storage for the AT-903 antennae

The TD-202 and TD-204 modems. The TD-202 combines the output of the voice of data multiplex equipment into a 2304 Kbit data stream formatted for radio transmission. the TD-204 performs the same function for cable transmission providing on cable power for up to 39 TD-206 in line pulse amplifiers. The TD-202 was replaced by the TD-754 in later units.

Not the best photo of the TD-352 multiplexer and CV-1548 signaling converter. The TD-352 provides analog to/from digital PCM code for up to 12 four wire voice channels. The unit is capable of providing a 6 channel output at 576Kbit and 12 channel output at 1152 Kbit. The CV-1548 provides 2 to 4 wire conversion for telephone circuits and signaling conversion from ringing and DC signaling to a 1600 HZ tone. In later units the TD-352 was replaced with the TD-660 mux and TD-1065 data buffer which allows direct transmission of digital data.


The AN/TTC-41 is a 120 line fully automatic voice and message switch providing service to voice and modem customers. This units operates with a variety of subscriber equipment including the TA-312 field phone with TA-955 DTMF adapter. The shelter may be mounted in a 1 1/4 Ton pickup truck. This is Maureen's and Cleo's collectable.

Looking at the bank of SB-3614 automatic switchboards. Each SB-3614 can switch 30 lines, all 4 are interconnected to provide 120 line capability.

The curb side wall showing the patch panel, power panel, clock and writing shelf. The LS-147 intercom and TA-312 field phone are behind the shelf which is in it's stored position.


The AN/TRC-145 is a multichannel radio terminal set covering 200 - 1843 Mhz in 4 bands. Each band is selected by changing plug in drawers in the AN/GRC-103 radio sets. The system utilizes PCM coded digital transmission to provide 24 four wire voice or data circuits. The multiplex equipment is the TD-660 multiplexer, TD-754 modem and TD-1065 data buffer.

4 sets of restored AN/GRC-103 radio with band I (200 - 405 Mhz) plug ins waiting for their shelters to be restored. Unseen is the TD-660,TD-1065 and TD-754 multiplexers and other accessories to go with them. When complete this will be a pair of AN/TRC-145 radio terminal sets.

This is an IFF antennae that is 6' tall. One of 5 in the warehouse.

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